Who Is Ryan Terry

Hard training and careful diet, plus a highly competitive edge, have helped Ryan create one of the most admired physiques in the world. He is an IFBB Pro, currently fourth place in the world in Men's Physique, a former European Champion, UKBFF National Champion, Mister International, sponsored athlete, 'Flex' magazine columnist and regular cover model for multiple fitness magazines.

A former gymnast, swimmer and all-round sportsman, Ryan started lifting weights in his teens. In 2010, a friend nominated him for the 'Mister Great Britain' competition. To his surprise, Ryan won not only the national title, but also the world title of Mister International, in front of a global TV audience of millions. Ryan's profile rocketed, and led to commercial modelling work for magazines and for leading brands. But his first love has always been fitness, so Ryan took some time off from modelling to add size and prepare himself to become a Men's Physique competitor. At the same time, he became the face of global supplements company, USN, and their ambassador around the world.

Always focussing his training on aesthetics and achieving a healthy, natural look, Ryan moved quickly through the competitive world of Men's Physique. In September 2015, he achieved his dream of placing Top Five at the Olympia, earning fourth place in the world, and becoming the highest place European ever in the competition.

Ryan's 12 month journey to the Olympia began with his own training programme, Terry Bulk, to add the required size for international competition. Using his Terry Shred plan, he achieved his best condition ever in order to qualify as an Olympian. His Road to Olympia plan is what took him all the way to a world class placing in Las Vegas.

He continues to be one of the most inspirational and popular fitness stars across all social media.

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